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Not only can SoftwareIDM's cloud-based HyperSync Panel fully replace MIM, it can do a lot more, too! 

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) won’t be available forever. There is no need to panic yet, but organizations using MIM should have a plan for what to do next.

Codeless, and cloud-based by design, Software IDM’s HyperSync Panel can do everything the MIM Synchronization engine does – but it does it much faster.

It is both state-based and event-based and - as part of the Identity Panel Suite - it has built-in intelligent scheduling, customizable reporting, and a comprehensive workflow engine.

Installing it now provides benefits that MIM does not. It also contributes to your cloud (Microsoft Entra) enablement, and future-proofs your identity management system. HyperSync Panel can co-exist with MIM, so you can gradually cut over on a timescale that suits you. 

In this 30-minute recording, Hugh Simpson-Wells provides an overview of what HyperSync Panel does. He also demos it in action, showing how easily it can be configured.

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